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About Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited



Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited (“Chun Wo”) was founded in 1968 and is the core member of Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited (stock code: 00711.HK). Chun Wo is principally engaged in the core construction and property development businesses with the professional capability to undertake large integrated construction projects.

Recent examples of large infrastructure projects in Hong Kong within which Chun Wo has undertaken works include the Central-Wan Chai Bypass, Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Infrastructure, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Passenger Clearance Building, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (Hong Kong Section) and the MTR Shatin to Central Link. For the property development sector, in addition to exploring Hong Kong's real estate development and asset leasing business, Chun Wo also concentrated on developing domestic and overseas real estate markets, and its projects have spread throughout Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates, etc.

With deep roots in Hong Kong for 50 years, Chun Wo has accumulated extensive experience and a strong position in the construction sector enabling it to expand businesses to countries along the “Belt & Road” route in Southeast Asia. Examples of such expansion are the acquisition of a construction and engineering consultancy in Singapore and contracting the Design and Construction of Aqueduct undertaken in the Philippines during recent years. 


Core Businesses

The operations of Chun Wo including construction, property development and overseas business continue to be carried out under the “Chun Wo” brand with the same logo.



Chun Wo Construction is a subsidiary of Chun Wo leveraging its expertise in a number of large-scale integrated construction projects and which has a strong track record of success across a wide range of activities. Within Chun Wo Construction, there are five business units specializing in the construction business, including Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Joint Venture, Construction Services and Overseas Construction Services.


  • Building Construction Business Unit

This business unit is responsible for building construction and fitting-out projects and provides a wide range of construction and project management services. The Group has expanded its professional scope of works beyond the private sector to a wider range of buildings for the public sector. The types of building works undertaken by the Group encompass government and institutional buildings, offices, residential and industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, sports complexes, etc.


  • Civil Engineering Business Unit

Chun Wo has been engaged in civil engineering works since 1968, in both the public and private sectors. This business unit is responsible for civil engineering, foundation and trackwork. With its extensive experience, the Group has the capability to undertake a wide range of civil engineering works in Hong Kong and overseas. It also specializes in trenchless construction and trackworks that are greatly appreciated in well-known projects across the Asian region.


  • Civil Engineering Joint Venture Business Unit

With the launching of the “Ten Major Infrastructure Projects” in Hong Kong, Chun Wo has acquired multiple large infrastructure contracts through participating in joint-ventures. This business unit is responsible for managing civil engineering joint venture projects in order to cope with the development of a number of infrastructure projects.


  • Construction Services Business Unit

In addition to being a respected building and civil engineering project contractor, Chun Wo is also a specialized contractor in maintenance and minor works projects. The Group possesses rich expertise in waterworks, maintenance and electrical & mechanical works.


  • Overseas Construction Business Unit

In addition to the construction business in Hong Kong, Chun Wo engaged in Asian regional construction projects as early as 2003 in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. In 2011, Chun Wo set up a branch in Macau and started the units which balance the public and private construction businesses. In recent years, the Overseas Construction Business Unit has actively explored new markets and shifted the strategic direction from a focus on local opportunities to a wider regional and international scope.


  • Other Business

Boasting extensive experience in construction and property management of Chun Wo and City Services Group, another subsidiaries of the Group, Chun Wo Tunnel Management Limited won the tender for a six-year management contract for the Cross-Harbour Tunnel in late 2016, evidencing its capability in providing one-stop service. Furthermore, Chun Wo will continue to adhere to its business diversification strategy, meaning apart from focusing on the core business in Hong Kong, it will also exert in expanding business overseas and building for itself an international business platform. 


Property Development

Chun Wo Property Development, a subsidiary of Chun Wo, in order to leverage its strengths including abundant resources in the construction sector, and many years of design and project management experience reinforced by our technical expertise and execution capabilities. These advantages have enabled the Group to penetrate the property development sector, as it aims to bring quality projects to the market while rapidly establishing a reputable corporate image and a trusted brand. As a result, today, Chun Wo’s property development projects are widely distributed across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, the USA, The United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.


Overseas Business

The Group will proactively expand its business in the Asia-Pacific region and overseas markets. In 2016, the Group has acquired R. J. Crocker, an engineering and architecture consultancy company in Singapore. The Group will also develop a wide variety of projects to achieve sustainable development.