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Environment Protection


As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to protect the environment and have implemented policies to minimize pollution, achieve efficient use of energy, reduce waste and enhance recycling. The Group has established different effective environmental management systems, conforming to globally recognized ISO14001 and ISO 50001 standards. We are the members of The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), Business Environment Council (BEC) and WWF in which we actively support and adhere to the Visions and Missions of these corporations.


Chun Wo’s environmental objectives are to prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste and enhance waste recycling from our operations.


1. Waste Management Hierarchy

Waste Management Hierarchy has been adopted on construction sites to reduce waste production. Reusable wastes such as earth, broken concrete and temporary works are reused at other sites. Plastic waste of expired safety helmets, damaging water barriers and traffic cones will be donated forare recycling. Pressure on landfill disposal has been reduced with these measures.


Infrequent hazardous wastes (e.g. asbestos) contributed to less than 0.001% of total waste generated, in which they are separated and treated strictly in accordance with local regulations.


2. Initiatives for Managing Resources

Chun Wo has implemented the following initiatives to manage resources and energy use:

.Promote and manage fuel and electricity usage

.Phase out traditional T8 tubes with energy saving T5 fluorescence tubes and LED lightings

.Use of Lighting Management System (LMS) to control power voltage for saving lighting energy

.Waste water after sedimentation treatment reused for site cleaning, water suppression system, wheel washing at site access, water barrier filling, etc. 

.Recycling water reuse for preliminary air lifting of bore piles

.Water dripping from air-conditioner reuse for roof sprinkler cooling system and watering of plants


3. Carbon Audit

We started our carbon audit at our head office in 2014, and identified that 686 tCO2e were emitted from our office in 2013. Eco-friendly measures, such as paperless meetings, switching off lighting and appliances (computers and monitors) in lunch hours, and maintaining the room temperature at 24.5oC, were introduced at our office to reduce our energy and carbon emission. The initiatives started from April 2014 in which. electricity consumption was decreased by over 7.5% by the end of March 2015 compared with the same period of the previous year. Our efforts in contributing to environmental protection are recognized by the community.


4. Award of Environment Protection

The Group’s effort in contributing to environmental protection have been recognized by the community and have honored with a lot of environmental awards, including Silver Award and Certificate Merit of Sectoral Awards of the Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)- Construction Industry, outstanding Environmental Management & Performance Silver Award of 20th Considerate Contractors Site Awards, Development Bureau and Green Management Award (Corporation)- Project Management by the Hong Kong Green Council (HKGC),2014 etc.