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Health and Safety


By integrating internationally-recognised ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications into our quality, environmental and occupational safety and health management systems respectively, Chun Wo demonstrates our compliance with health and safety standards. Our “PDCA” system further ensures each individual and team to contribute its ability to meet statutory requirements and achieve the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.


To guarantee the occupational safety standards of our construction operations, we have introduced a safety audit system designed to monitor the effectiveness of our safety management system. For 2016, the corporate average safety audit score was 86.8%, exceeding the target of 85% (in 2015, the score was 88.1%).


A series of measures have been in place at various construction project sites to protect the safety and health of workers. These include mini health check stations, heat shelters and water sprinklers on rooftops to dissipate heat gain. At sites, “Morning Exercise” program was launched to alert workers of the potential injuries and ways of prevention.