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Core Program


Core Program is deemed as a fast track program to develop a pool of outstanding staff as becoming leaders in Chun Wo. As being a part of corporate succession planning for dynamic and sustainable growth, the program shows our sincerity in recognizing good performance and contribution as mentioned in our core values. core Staffs will be given the opportunity to develop via diversified training and workshops. Under the mentorship system, each core member will be guided by senior management as mentor and be given support by establishing career path and sharing of past work and personal experience. As a result, developing as senior management and leaders in the company.


Program Duration:

• 3 to 5 years 


Program Feature:

• Sponsorship for the EMBA & management course
• Mentoring
• Customized career path for development


Program Content:

• Executive Training
• Site Visit of Key Interests
• Professional Presentation (sharing with senior management)
• Year-End Presentation
• Bonding Trip
• Corporate Trip (Overseas)
• Project Manager Meeting
• Internal/External Networking Opportunity